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The Shack

Just finished reading The Shack by Wm. Paul Young. What a blessing to my life! I’ve never read a work of fiction with a highlighter in hand, but I did with this – and now will be going through it and studying and writing down the thoughts for my further examination with the Bible and in my own quiet times.

Listen to an interview with the author, who wrote this for his children…amazing!

Even that link helped me learn of the website that appears to have lots of worthwhile programming I intend to listen to as I work here at home.

I’m not nearly anything seminary-type trained in God’s Word, but I know how this fictional book opened my mind to ‘see’ things (life) from – perhaps – the view of God – Jesus – and the Holy Spirit.

Whether you are searching, a believer, whatever – I truly believe that God is using this book to reach us and teach us. Read it and go to God yourself to discern in HIS wisdom.

I’m even thinking of making this available at my website!

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