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Textile Discount Outlet – Chicago Illinois – WOW!!!!!

  This is the view when you come in the door – absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS, elegant fabrics hanging from the wall – a full WALL of lovely fabrics.  You are in Room #1 at the Textile Discount Outlet – tucked away at 2121 W. 21st. St. in Chicago, IL.  Your eyes just might pop out of your head as you keep going – in room 1 where the cutting goes on- see below, but up and down the rows and rows of FABRIC!  Polyester especially – in every form you can ever imagine is plentiful.  However, I also found some silk – especially in the Home Dec fabrics.  You work your way to Room 2, Room 3, room 4 – and think you’ve seen it all  -but then you can venture upstairs to duplicates and MORE of each of those rooms…and if you aren’t brain dead by that time, you can go DOWNSTAIRS to the basement!  Pictures are worth a thousand words, so I’ll just post those.  My dear hubby took the day off to go with me and was a stellar helper lugging my choices into the TWO grocery carts.  I was there to find ‘Talker’ or ‘Main Actress’ fabrics for the creative sweatshirt jacket kits that I sell so briskly at the sewing shows I attend.

basement view at Textile Discount Outlet

basement view at Textile Discount Outlet        

You will find everything imagineable…zippers – (Oh my gosh, zippers!!), every type of embellishment, trim, lace, – you name it, you can find it !

Cutting Table

Cutting Table – you wait your turn, and they readily call you when it’s your time!

Checking out with Sara

Checking out with Sara – who was so kind as to make sure she had my ‘lengthy’ ticket correct, that she had Steve – da BOSS, come and read off the hand-written ticket so she could could double check her computer entries.

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