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T-Shirts Up-cycled to a Lightweight Coat

It was fun to design and transform T-shirts that I collected from back during my travel/teaching around the country into this long, lightweight 'coat'. I finally got around to this enjoyable task at a sewing retreat with my sister in TX. I find that I enjoy wearing it as I travel, as I can pretty much 'wad' it up and throw it into a Tote for when I need it. I'm sharing it with the hopes that this project might inspire you to collect T-s as you start traveling again this summer season!

You can see that I did 'think' it about it as I gathered my T's during travel: keeping to a color pallette of greys, navy and some aqua. Honestly, I had 1 red one, but there was just NO way to use it without it being THE point of interest. It became a Tote. The dark fabric around the neck, center front, belt, and lowermost band is a 'unifying factor' - serving to 'connect' all of it together visually.

In the Gallery of photos above, you can see that for construction, I combined a mix of serging wrong sides together and also some 'rolled knit trim'. For more on how to do 'curled knit trim', see my YouTube Lesson:

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