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SWAP Update: Cheri’s Reversible Jacket and Aqua Jacket

Yeah!  I’ve finally got several more garments made for my SWAP!  The first is a very pivotal jacket, which I LOVE!  It is Cheri’s Reversible Jacket– a Saf-T-Pockets pattern.   The main challenge I had was my 2-sided jacquard fabric.  To make the garment reversible, you have to do all these turned under finished seams – and that would have been impossible without using manilla folder templates for pressing as you see below.  As you can see in the photo to the left below, for the hem, I first used a template the depth of the hem – for accurate pressing.  For the hems, I left the edge raw and ravelled – as you can see in some of the photos further down.  THAT was the easy way to go!

The 2nd photo below shows using a smaller template butted up against the stitched seam, and on the seam allowance – around which I pressed the seam allowance right edge for a nice, uniform – straight pressed edge – which then got stitched down.

Using cardboard template for first pressed fold.   

Smaller template for seam allowance finishing folds.

There are buttonholes several places on this jacket – and here is a tip for NOT cutting further than one desires to cut (many of you will know what I mean by that!) Cut them half-way at a time, from the end towards the center – note the pin to keep me from cutting too far.  I’m using a good, sharp seam ripper for this task.

Cutting first half of buttonhole from left end towards the center…

Cutting from remaining side of buttonhole towards center…

Shank buttons are stitched together in pairs for removable ‘link type ‘ fasteners on this jacket.  For that, I strengthened the thread with Thread Heaven.

Thread Heaven to strengthen thread.

Those button fasteners are kept securely stored in one of the zipper pockets!

A peak into the secure Zipper pocket from outside…

Buttoned up pocket – showing loose, raveled edge fabric finish…

Here are some finished photos of my jacket – some of my favorite ways I think I’ll prefer to wear it…

‘Vest’ look with Side 1 as the outside.

Side drape version…quite shiek!

Now, I have to get a pair of ‘skinny’ pants – or I should say rather, straight leg, and more slim than wide – as my legs will NEVER do ‘skinny’!  The Teal Sophia Knit as photo’d will be PERFECT!!!  Then, there is a great sheer print from which I’m going to do another of Saf-T-Pockets patterns – the Fast n’ Fun Circle Jacket –  this one is a downloadable pattern from her site…buy one for yourself HERE!

Next SWAP sewing projects – pants from teal Sophia Knit and a sheer jacket…

I also have managed to create the Fajita Skirt in green Tencel Knit – which I wrote about in this post, HERE.  AND, I did a slim little purple tencel skirt last week as well – so now I have both a top and a skirt of both green and purple Tencel knit.  I even have enough of the Purple Tencel Knit left from which to get a little sleeveless shell – ALWAYS useful!

I used a Vogue Pattern that intrigued me for this meshy knit top – but it sure needs some more tension on the front collar – so I’ll add another row of gathering stitches across it like you see at the left front in the photo – THEN I think I will like it – AND this is a starting point for another collar version on a jacket using scarves that will be coming…sometime!

Aqua Sheer jacket – a future scarf collar application is ‘brewing’…..

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