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Super Bowl Football Uniform Construction

I’m obviously NOT a football fan, knowing only enough to keep a eye on the ball, and the downs and yards to go basics. I wonder if anyone else was observing – much less taking pictures of the TV to record (to share) the construction of the uniforms for the Patriots and Falcons. Both are designed for increased movement, but I vote for the gusset on the Falcons’. 🙂

Do you see the triangular dark shape of the gusset on the Atlanta Falcons’ (red for those of you non-football fans) uniform. That shape on the side is repeated, though elongated, at the bottom of the leg side seam as well. I have no idea if that is functional, but I’m sure the underarm gussett is a functional detail.

On the Patriot’s (blue/white) uniform, note the long straight side insert all down the top underarm area. I’d love to get my hands on a few of these uniforms to check out all the deteail.

Double Ribbing Neckline Finish.

That’s it folks. Just observing…..

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