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Spring Shopping Trip – Observations and more…

Disgusting Dressing Room 'Cleanliness'?

Disgusting Dressing Room ‘Cleanliness’?

Late last week I squeezed in a quick shopping trip to my favorite department store in town – Bergner’s.  I like to what my hubby calls ‘flit’ through – looking for ideas, inspiration, and occasionally – for something I might want to invest in for my wardrobe.

Here are some things I found – observed – and snapped photos of to share…For what it’s worth…..

First – I did come up with an armful of things I needed to try on – so to the dressing room I went.  Once again – I was appalled by what I found – the corners, edges of dressing rooms must just be off the radar of the ‘cleaning’ workers.  Not only at this department store , but most I go into – I find the same thing.  This time, I snapped this photo AND complained – the manager was called, and she really didn’t have anything to say.  What has happened here???  There IS a cleaning crew I was told.  Who supervises?  Is this what we’ve sunk to with respect to pride in our work?  Sad, sad, sad.  I just said that customers deserve better.  Agree?  Please comment below…and speak up yourself to store management when you see this!

Warm Undertone Tan/Cool Undertone Tan

I snapped this photo to show the difference between ‘tan’ colors.

The chino pant on the left is a ‘warm’ undertone tan.  By that I mean that there is yellow in the tan color…the undertone is yellow, or ‘warm undertone’.  If you have warm undertones in your skin – this would be a good ‘tan’ for you.

The skirt on the right is a ‘cool’ undertone tan.  I call it taupe.  By that I mean that there is  pink in the tan color…the undertone is pink, or ‘cool undertone’.  This would be my tan color of choice, since I have cool undertones to my skin.

I don’t agree with the over-simplified ‘seasonal color theory’ – but to state it in those terms, that many understand from the color analysis of the 80’s…  Spring  and Fall are ‘Warm Undertones’ and Summer and Winter are ‘Cool Undertones’.

Both of these garments were for the ‘bottom half’, so not being close to the face, it wouldn’t be ‘live or die’ if you selected the wrong undertone color for you – but the thing is that if your wardrobe colors are selected properly to ‘go with’ your skin undertone, then the ‘wrong’ undertone of a neutral tan color just would not ‘work’ with the other pieces in your wardrobe.  For more on all this – go to

Slant pocket puckers – ugh!

Have you run into this?  Pants fit great – EXCEPT the slant pockets PUCKER!  When making pants of this style, I finally figured out that not only was it imperative to STAY that diagonal line, but also, to PULL THIS ANGLED layer tighter than the  side insert that it lays on.  Yes, you read that right – pull it TIGHTER.  It may not look good on the hanger, or the sewing table, but ON your body – it will lay flat.  I promise – give it a try!

IMHO…not for public wear

And, – now this is my personal opinion – (but that is what Blogs are for…), I REALLY don’t feel that skin tight tights like these (in nude coloring no less) are NOT flattering on ANY ONE.  Really – let’s leave ‘every nook and cranny’ of our bodies for the beach!  I first saw this ‘look’ of the tight tights in a neutral color on a gal out in WA state when I was at the airport – and really did a ‘double take’ because I thought she was really exposing showing off this much of her body!  Yuck!!!  I personally don’t even like the ‘tight’ look even in black.  Its a rare pair of legs that are in the shape to ‘show it all’.  Again – my opinion.  On this shopping escapade, I also tried on some of the SKINNY JEANS – and they STAYED AT THE STORE!  I guess it’s an age thing – but not on me! See the photo below – also seen in the airport …do ya REALLY wanna show this much?  Just because some magazine or designer says some ‘look’ is ‘in’, doesn’t mean it is flattering…….  again – take it or leave it, this is my opinion…

Check out the ‘look’ of your back view before leaving home!

Oh – and for what it’s worth, I DID leave the store with one pair of deep aqua jeans – on sale for $20, and they work in my Sewing With A Plan wardrobe unit – (Or I wouldn’t have bought them!)

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