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Snoop-Shopping for Creative Sewing Ideas


These days, when I have to ‘vacate’ my house for it to be shown (time to sell – wanna move!), I go snoop-shopping!

  1. I love this idea I found at Chico’s to put a zip in a shoulder tuck – both front and back – it went right ove the shoulder… Just add about 3″ extra with a slash to the pattern Front and Back at the shoulder seam and stick it in there as shown!

  2. How about the galloon scalloped border of a delicate lace stuck in the shoulder seam and all the way down a seam put in the very top of a long or 3/4 length sleeve?  Just fold your sleeve pattern in half, cut apart, add 1/2″ seam allowance, stick it in, then stitch it up.


Did you just clean out your fabric STASH?  Or Closet?  Wanna Re-cycle?  Check out this interesting combination.  I’d divide it in UN-Equal proportions for better design, but how about playing with stencils, hand-embroidery or even silk ribbon embroidery on cold winter days coming up?

  1. How about a crescent of sheer netting stuck into the shoulder?

  2. Save some money BIG TIME making your own knit scarves!  This grey jersey appeared to be one full 60″ width of maybe 3/4 yard, slashed from both crosswise edges leaving about 10″ in the middle.  Fold wrong sides together, stitch, and WALA – you’re done – and not with a $39 price tag eithe

  1. UNEVEN HEMLINES are all the rage.  See the long, angled hem on the khaki/grey sweater – emphasized by the different color.

Note the winged out rectangular shape at the side seam of the striped sweater.  All that would take would be taping on a rectangle at the side seam of the pattern when cutting out!


  1. I LOVE the angled out oversized shape of this lower pocket on a jacket.  A frayed strip of fabric inserted into the seams emphasizes the line.

  1. This COLLAR grabbed my eye.  Out of way too much ‘height’, stitched to the ‘back’ of the collar’ which was also way tall, then it all just scrunches down.  Overlaps in the center on a lower than average scooped neckline.

  1. Floppy, ‘Cascading’ COLLARS are everywhere – and SO simple when executed out of a 2-sided fabric.  All the How-To’s are found in my Twin Set Tweaks Talking Pattern


SNAP PICS YOURSELF and send to me at of great ideas YOU see in ready-to-wear for your creative sewing fun!

COMMENT to share where you go for your ideas – or if you just come up with them all on your own!  I find shopping gets my creative juices flowing, pics help save those ideas, and then they become my ‘jumping off’ platform.  On my ‘TO DO’ List for this week is to group/organize my snoop-shopping (which includes Pinterest, by the way!) Follow my T-Shirt Inspiration Pinterest Board:

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