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Snoop-Shopping for Creative Sewing Ideas


These days, when I have to ‘vacate’ my house for it to be shown (time to sell – wanna move!), I go snoop-shopping!

  1. I love this idea I found at Chico’s to put a zip in a shoulder tuck – both front and back – it went right ove the shoulder… Just add about 3″ extra with a slash to the pattern Front and Back at the shoulder seam and stick it in there as shown!

  2. How about the galloon scalloped border of a delicate lace stuck in the shoulder seam and all the way down a seam put in the very top of a long or 3/4 length sleeve?  Just fold your sleeve pattern in half, cut apart, add 1/2″ seam allowance, stick it in, then stitch it up.


Did you just clean out your fabric STASH?  Or Closet?  Wanna Re-cycle?  Check out this interesting combination.  I’d divide it in UN-Equal proportions for better design, but how about playing with stencils, hand-embroidery or even silk ribbon embroidery on cold winter days coming up?