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Snoop Shopping at Bass Pro Shop- Memphis

Is there any sewing inspiration at a Bass Pro Shop?

YESIREE! Though I’d been snapping photos like crazy as I ‘shopped’, when I came to the fudge/candy/goodies section, I looked up to find this charming sewing-related display.  With soft breeze from the fan, the hanging pattern pieces moved calling my attention.  If you want to ever create a fashion/sewing display, remember this display of the pattern pieces hanging.  I loved it!  Onto the clothing…


Sun-Protective Fabrics

The first thing that caught my eye were some sportswear pieces with these special tags – an entire display saying:

“This innovative product will make you want to go outdoors and stay there.  Enjoy the sun safely.  The sun protection technology helps block damaging UV rays from reaching your skin, allowing for more carefree hours in the sun.  “OmniShade UPC50 Sun Protection.”  


There were oodles of these hoodies.  I thought it was intriguing how far to the center front the hood portion begins. Of course, I checked for fiber content- and not surprising:  100% polyester.  With man-made fibers, I guess most anything is possible these days.  

hoodie of polyester_sun_protective_fabric

Swimwear Lettuce Edging

I was especially intrigued with the lettuce edging for the finish on these solid color swimwear pieces…and note also the 3 step zigzag stitching.



In the bikini bottoms picture, I’m holding out the lining which extended just to the elastic at the leg.  The ‘lettuce edging’ was a balanced serger stitch with wooly nylon in the loopers.

More Embellishment Ideas

I found it interesting that many of the garments were imported from India.  At least the ones that caught my eye!  Check out the decorative stitching on the center front of this top.  Just like yesterday, put those decorative stitches to work on your machine – although doing so would be just for the ‘making satisfaction’, as this top – with all this work, only cost $42!


Another one I’d buy if I wanted it…as it looks like just TOO MUCH WORK.  When I see garments like these with so much work, it makes me sad though because some person has sat and labored many hours – and for how little financial reward.  In my book, something is WRONG here. Just $24.95 for a top with all this intricate work??? My gosh,  we just grabbed 2 hamburgers and some french fried onions from a roadside trailer.  Something just doesn’t look right to me with this picture.  How about you?


Here’s another top with embroidery – this time cross-stitch, and a cotton trim inserted piece.


Trims, Trims – LOTS of Trims!

That ‘lace and trim drawer’ of mine out in our garage is seeming more and more valuable…

On this top, I especially liked the faced center front slit 7 pearl buttons framed with the inserted trim.  The same trim marched down the top of each sleeve as well.

Monotone Texture

This monotone top especially grabbed my attention too!  Makes me want to get out my embroidery machine and do this type of ‘applique’ work that I know it can do!


Shoulder Protection?

At this one, I had to laugh.  The ’embellishment’ stitching was only on the right shoulder.  I figured it out though – as it was up in the firearms department.  A ‘pad’ for the shoulder when using a rifle.  Weird thing though – it was nothing but an extra layer of fabric with the stitching.  At least we all can identify the ‘triple straight stretch stitch’, right?

That’s all for my Memphis Snoop Shopping Report.  I’ve been working on a TuTu for Granddaughter’s first birthday and grandson is coming in next week.  Of course, I sew with the phone/camera by my side, but I believe I’ll probably be ‘otherwise rightfully involved’ next week!  More blogging to come on our projects after July 4.


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