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Shopping with Dear Daughter

Had a ball on a shopping spree with DD (Dear Daughter) one night this week. Ahh – what a 27 year-old can teach a ‘mature’ woman…even if her ‘field’ is supposed to be fashion and design?!

Ladies…Here it is – in her own words…. Keep in mind this is my daughter – raised with a very fashion-conscious Mom, and one who sewed most everything for her for a long time – including the prom gowns and wedding dress(es). AND owned a fashion fabric sewing store from the time she was 8 to 22. As with everything – take it or leave it. (As I do with her screaming at me to dye my blend of blonde/grey hair! My hairdresser says not to touch it! I’m listening to my hairdresser on that one! – AND my wallet!…)

“Mom, hope you like this – let me know if I can do anything else for ya – Carmen

What your 20 something thinks of your fashion…..

The fashion faux pas:

Don’t wear pants that are too short….high waters are just NOT cool. If anything go too long, remember to have a few good pairs of “heels” pants.

I’m ‘filtering here – suffice to say that she says: Do NOT wear pants that are not long enough in the crotch…that is gross!

Don’t ever wear more than one piece of denim…you jacket and pants will NEVER match, don’t even try. It looks like a bad 80’s film. Jeans go with everything – but denim!

Don’t wear all of one color – blue pants, blue shirt, blue shoes, blue purse – you will look like a blueberry! A couple pieces of the same color are ok, but punch it up with a fun accent color. The one exception – black, you can go all black….if and only if they are the same shade of black (which is tricky so be cautious)

Continuation of last rule….don’t wear sweat suits in public, we all like to be comfy but not for a day out. If you need comfy find great comfy jeans/tee/tennis shoes or yoga pants and a tee.

Don’t wear straight leg pants – no one should wear these, no matter how fashionable the magazines say they are. If you are bigger than a size two – aka all of us – no one wants to see every nook and crany!

Shot to find wide leg, boot cut, or slightly flared styles! This is a pain, but finding well fitting pants is necessary….try on many and if you find a good fit, get several pairs in more than one color.

Other pant tips: don’t wear pants that come up to your boobs! The ideal is that they sit just below you belly button, and if you try on several pairs at different stores you will find this. Don’t wear pants that are too tight at the waist – no one wants to see your muffin top. There are many options out there that will not squish you in the tummy, or sag at the butt – worth the time to find!

Don’t over accessorize! I asked males friends what fashion faux pas they see in older women, and they all said too much jewelry, bags, etc. (they also mentioned too much skin showing) One great piece may be enough, or several pieces of very low key.

Must haves for a great closet:

Good fitting denim jacket – dark works well (this can be worn dressed up or down with khaki, brown, or black – but never jeans!)

Several pairs of jeans, some that are plenty long for your highest heels

Basic tanks and tees in a variety of colors – these can be made fun with jewelry, a purse and/or shoes – hey those are more fun to buy anyways!

My favorite pieces are the variety of tailored suit coats, I have many colors and styles, they go with anything!

Closing thoughts:

Wear clothes that are comfortable and flattering! Cleaning out you closet and dresser is an amazing, you will feel better and you can determine what your closet is missing and what you have more than enough of. Case and point – I cleaned mine out and found I had 5 black jackets and hardly any purples or greens…so know I know what to look for and what not to buy. It will make your shopping more successful. Don’t buy anything that won’t go with at least 3 other things in your closet! Last pointer: When I reorganized my overflowing closet I grouped in by type than color. I used to have it simply by color, and found I wore black way to often since it was in abundance and easy. However, now I look at the weather and then go to sweaters or capris and choose based on weather rather than color and have found myself wearing pieces I almost forgot I had.

Best of luck in fashion to you, Carmen “

For Londa’s books, patterns, and supplies as described in her sewing escapades, please see Londa’s Creative Threads –

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