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Royal Wedding Commentary-Day Before the Wedding

Day BEFORE: DID YOU SEE THE right side hem on Kate’s white ruffle front jacket hanging down on TV tonight – coverage as she arrived at the hotel?

Tell-tale quick construction in my book – depending on the lining to hold up the hem! IN my construction thinking, a hem should ALWAYS be hand stitched to the garment, and the lining hand-stitched to the hem. But hey – what do I know?

That hanging hem just screamed to me in this ‘event’ where everyone is holding their breath wondering what Kate’s dress will be like…

My guess?

Slim through the waist – full with gores. Probably all a beautiful lace – and with at least little cap sleeves.

If she shows up in that monster of a dress with the HUGE flower-textured skirt they just showed on Inside Edition – I’ll scream!

The spot on the hats looks amazing. I’d love to go to one of those hat-makers and see the entire process!!!

Back to reality – the devastation in the south here in the USA has me in prayer for the many people and towns effected. I’m confident that God’s people will be the ones to show up first and stay the longest. Telling already to hear the survivors say they are ‘blessed’ to have survived even though they’ve lost anything. Yes, all that matters is your life. The rest is just ‘stuff’.

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