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Ready-Made Inspiration

I LOVE To Shop – – not necessarily to buy – but to LEARN and to be INSPIRED….so I can COPY – though my copies hardly EVER are the same – THAT would not be fun.

When I was working out all the How-To-s for stitching successfully with elastic thread in the bobbin for my Upscale Techniques & Nifty Necklines Talking Pattern™ Booklet, (Nifty Necklines also available instant PDF Delivery HERE) I acquired a special affinity and ‘eye’ for where this technique is used as embellishment.

While vacationing in the Florida Keys recently, I found (and, yes, I bought it for $34!) this simple knit dress/pj/swimsuit coverup at a Bass Pro Shop of all places!  Check it out via these photos….and you’ll see why it caught my eye. The front of the dress had to have – I”d guess 10” or so additional fullness wid

Elastic thread in the bobbin embellishment ++++

Elastic thread in the bobbin embellishment ++++

Look closely a the very upper edge.  The top edge of the garment itself is a simple CUT RAW EDGE of the knit which is lapped ON TOP of a simple, folded ribbing.  I honestly laid awake thinking this through – and, honestly, I think that raw edge/ribbing finish would NOT be that easy, as the ribbing still needs to be much ‘less long’ – like in a 2:3 ratio.  It would take ALOT of pins to get that raw edge placed precisely over the ribbing at just the right depth prior to stitching – which was done with a cover hem, but I’d do it with a 4.0/75 Twin Stretch Needle. Perhaps placing a strip of the wonderous  Wonder Tape under the raw fabric edge would work in this situation. I just haven’t had time to try this technique as I write this.

Close-up of neckline finish

Close-up of neckline finish

See how he stretched folded double ribbing is BEHIND the raw upper edge of the garment?

And here’s a peak (photo below) of how it looks behind the front edge.

Showing underneath the raw edge/ribbing finished edge...

Showing underneath the raw edge/ribbing finished edge…

If you try these techniques, please post here – I’d love to see what you do!

Remember – SHOP for ideas!!!

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