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Been enjoying watching the #1 4 year old Grandson while his Mommy and new hubby are on their honeymoon. Tomorrow is the last day – Boo Hoo!!! Actually, haven’t had quite as much time as I’d thought to ‘do the parks’, swim, etc., as with us both at Vacation Bible School every morning this week, then he’s super tired in the afternoon – then I have business to tend to while he sleeps…

Disturbing to me – our local “Tea Party” group has to come up with $450 to cover meeting in a public park on July 5. Insurance, and a permit. Doesn’t seem ‘American’ to me! Grrrr…….

Grating on my ears… “You Guys” every other word out of the mouths of SO many! Waitresses…teachers…young and old! Gheesh – if you’re talking to children, call them respectfully ‘Boys and Girls’ or ‘Children’!!! Honestly, when I am served in a restaurant and NOT addressed ‘you guys’, I compliment the waitress/waiter and tip them MORE! Anything repetitive in speech just says ‘un-educated’ to me, though I know that is not really the case. Just is a supreme example of ‘lapsing’ into the common, the fad, and total lack of propriety and respect. That, along with super casual clothing – come on, jeans at a wedding??? – it just is indicative of where our society is going. It makes me sad, just sad. For more ‘coverage’ – posting this on my FaceBook …

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