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Puyallup Sewing & Stitchery Expo 2013 – Registation OPEN

Sewing & Stitchery Expo Puyallup 2013

Sewing & Stitchery Expo Puyallup 2013 – Registration OPEN

I’m SEW EXCITED I get to go – AND teach – AND present on the FREE STAGE this year!  Sign up for classes NOW!  Online registration opened Jan. 3, and my flier was here waiting for me when I got home from vacation on Thursday. AND, of course I’ll have my cozy booth full of my books, Talking Patterns™, kits, amazing fimo clay buttons, and trims.

I’m home from wedding/holiday/vacation and can hardly sleep because I have SEW many new ideas to transform into wonderful new jackets & T’s – and Talking Patterns™ for you!  

Each of them is a ‘1 needle’ lecture/demo class lasting 45′. and cost just $5 ($6 at the door) !!!   I’m constantly revising my Power Point slides, and presentations, and I’m always making NEW jackets and T’s, so even if you’ve taken my classes before, don’t hesitate to return – as I promise you’ll be THRILLED with what you learn!

#1077  Stylish Sweatshirt Jackets that FIT!  Review the ‘old’ and get all my NEW hints – as I am constantly figuring out my stylish ways to make these KNIT jackets fit!  And that is just what they are – just KNIT JACKETS!!!  Please don’t think the typical ‘sweatshirt jacket’ frumpy, embroidered, boxy variety – mine are STYLSH, fashion-forward, and FIT!!!  My embellishment techniques and design bring the very very best to the genre – and, if you don’t want to make it all on a sweatshirt base – then DONT’!  Just use a full-bodied, wonderful knit like Sophia from Logantex that you can order from Vogue Fabric Store in Evanston, IL for just $12.99 a yard.  This scrumptious fabric is 60: wide, and a lush combo of 6% poly 30% rayon and 3% Lycra.   Thurs. and Sat. at 4:30

#1078 Artistic Tops & Tees.  This is totally new area for me at the Puyallup Show.  My students rave about my ‘upscale’ techniques that they’ve not seen or learned from any other teacher!  Using your favorite T-Shirt pattern, I give you OODLES of ideas of how to make them fit better, construct them FAR better than most patterns begin to instruct, AND teach you how-to’s for oodles of embellishment and styling that ready-to-wear is charging outrageous $$$ for!  You really CAN save money designing and stitching your own T’s!  Fri and Sat. at 10:30 am

AND……I’m honored to have been selected to do my ‘That is SO not a Sweatshirt! presentation on the FREE STAGE on Friday and Sunday at 2:30 With 45′, you’ll get time to rest your weary feet and inspire your creative soul!  NEW NEW NEW jackets – including all 8 from my new book published last August by C&T Publishing will be included.

If you have ANY questions on my classes, please just email me at, or feel free to ‘comment’ here.  I do moderate comments, so don’t expect yours to show up immediately, but I WILL answer here – and on Facebook as well. 

Puyallup is the one show where most all of the sewing instructors show up – so I appreciate that your choices are many and feel honored to have been selected to teach, and even more honored if you select one of my classes!   Take from any one and everyone you respect, and then combine what you learn into YOUR way – the BEST way!

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