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Put Machine Presser Foot PRESSURE to Work for you

As I stitch, and continue to learn how to really utilize the awesome features of this Brother Quattro 3, a feature I’m falling in love with – and have never had before – is presser foot PRESSURE. Hitting the notebook icon in the lower left corner of the screen, it is normally 3 – which when attaching Lastin Clear Elastic as a stay in a shoulder seam as shown in the lower piece in the photo – really puts too much pressure on it, puckering the fabric – NOT what is needed on a shoulder seam. Just changing that pressure to 1 fixes it immediately, changing NOTHING else for the nice flat application seen in the top piece. THEN – putting it back on 3 I think will be PERFECT for my ‘Clean Finish with Lastin’ for nice, retentive, snappy necklines and armholes as taught in my Upscale Techniques and Nifty Necklines Talking Pattern.

Sew……ladies, if you have this feature on your machine, experiment, and make it WORK FOR you! On my LAST garment for Sensational Shirring……at least I think so!

Machine foot pressure effect

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