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Poncho of 2 Rectangles – How to Draft & Sew

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Creating a poncho of 2 rectangles is nothing new – but since I’d never done it before, I wanted to give it a try for Christmas Gifts for a niece and friend. Here’s what I figured out regarding this classic style.  Above all, it is quite simple to do, indeed!

child 2 rectangle shawl

adult 2 rectangle shawl


Below are the  measurements I figured out to use.  Draw yourself diagrams and it will make sense.

Child (2nd grade):  2 pieces 12″ wide x 30″ long.  Since the furry fabric I selected was a 60″ wide knit, I could get the rectangles (end on end)  of just 24″ (2/3 yard) of the fabric.

Adult: 2 pieces 29″ wide x 43″ long.   Therefore, of 60″ fabric, the rectangles fit (side by side) on 43: (1.25 yard) of the fabric.

Be Aware:  the neck opening will be twice the length minus the width of one of the rectangles. Therefore, with wider rectangles, the neck opening will be smaller. For the child’s Poncho, I bound it with a knit to match the skirt I made her following THIS BLOG POST.


Though not proportional to what I figured out on my own, the diagram below shows how the short side is stitched to the long side of one rectangle.  Then, the short side is stitched to the long side of the other rectangle as shown.  For the child’s poncho, I simply turned under and topstitched the hem.


I tried my best to make my own diagram for the stitching.  Find it below.

Londas schematic for cuting and sewing

Embellishment on Adult Poncho

Strips of the loosely woven Luxe Flannel in 3 different widths were fringed and layered to create the neckline embellishment on the Adult Poncho.

layered fringe strips

After stacking and fringing, the strip was attached to finish the neckline.  Next, cream yarns that had been pulled to create the fringe were couched to finish the center.

The perfect button was an antler one from a coat of my late Mother’s, found in my favorite button box.

To finish the lowermost edges, stitching was worked 1.5″ from the cut edge, then threads pulled to create the fringe.  As shared in my previous post on Frayed Edge  Shawls, be certain that the fabric frays easily before deciding on this hem finish.  Handwoven fabrics are WONDERFUL for this type of Poncho.

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