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Peripety and Gleanings from Esther

Whenver possible, Thursday evenings is my ‘school’, Beth Moore is my teacher, and the course could be called ‘A Survey of Womanhood’s Trials and My Solutions” – a study of a book (The Bible) penned by God. I work very hard at doing my ‘homework’ every morning for my Quiet Time with the Lord. The current Bible Study I and many are studying is Esther by Beth Moore – and last night, I learned a new wonderful word: Peripety. Peripety is a sudden turn of events that reverses the exepcted outcome. It is the hinge in a sudden change. What I love about Beth as a teacher is how she makes it apply – to everything in life. As a woman, she especially does that well for other women. Applying all this all the way from our current national scene of $ woes – exacerbated by what I see as very pompous ‘representatives’ in Washington -to how I conduct my own life and business – I come up with these conclusions: 1. My job is to just do my job – to live my life. Honorably. That means as a woman, a wife, a mother, a Grandma, and as a business owner. I need to just pursue a walk with God that is ‘so close that the spotlights of this world – be they for me or against me – are eclipsed by His enormous shadow cast on my path’. Quoted Beth there … 2. If I can do that – and I’m convinced I can only even TRY with the help of God’s power as shown to me in the life of Christ – then I can realize that I don’t have to be the hinge!!!! As so many other women, I’ve tried it all – as the ‘enabler,’ the ‘helicopter parent’, the one who thinks I have to fix everything. Identify? I am only responsible for what God asks me to do – not how this thing (life) works out. Though, as a Christian, I have faith that God is constantly at work working it all out anyway. What He asks me to do is just to ‘do my job’ – in a way that honors Him – NOT me!

A quote on my basement stairway ‘to creativity’ says it all… ” “Don’t feel totally, personally, irrevocably responsible for everything. That’s My job! ” God

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