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Pat’s Creative Re-Cycle Pocket

Pat's back locker patch recycled into Pocket

Pat’s back locker patch recycled into Pocket

Isn’t this GREAT!?!  Pat – a super helper of mine at the Houston International Quilt Festival totally ‘wowed’ me last fall when she turned up with her super cute ‘sweatshirt jacket’ that sported this amazingly creative pocket from that extra layer ‘locker patch’ that is always a challenge when designing jackets on a sweatshirt base.

Look closely and note the following:

1.  the back neckline of the sweatshirt itself serves as the ‘band’ on the pocket.

2.  She bound the lower curved edge of the pocket with bias binding.

3.  She replaced the label of the sweatshirt with her own label!

Here’s her great jacket:

Pat's Blue 'Chosen' Sweatshirt Jacket

Pat in her Chosen™ Sweatshirt Jacket

Make your OWN great jacket with my ‘Chosen’ talking pattern!  It’s easiest to use a knit to create this collar!

Chosenfeatures my Method 1′ of fit – removing the excess under the dropped sleeve, yet leaving the sleeve dropped.  You can certainly elect to make ANY of my patterns that feature that technique (Transformed, Living, Celebration, Worthy™) simply by utilizing my pattern pieces for Front, Back and Sleeve as found in my Book, Genesis Too™ or Refined Too™, or Casual Jacket Pattern™…or, even ANY simple jacket pattern that YOU might have that will fit on the ‘fabric’ you have in s size 2XL sweatshirt!

To SEE both methods actually done – my Creative Jacket Journey DVD is the way to go!

Have fun – and send me YOUR jacket photos.

WAY to GO – PAT!  Thanks for sharing your creativity!

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