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OK – so I can’t BAKE any longer!!!!!

Londa's Baking Skill

Londa’s Baking Skill

No need to laugh – I’m certainly laughing at myself!!!  And – believe it or not – most of the day now under my feet – this is the SECOND attempt at this carrot cake.  I declare – there must be at least 6 cups of powdered sugar in that icing.  Sew…WHY won’t it stay stacked???????

I’ll have you know the first attempt – it seemed a bit heavy once I started icing it – and I realized I must have forgotten…the Baking Soda.  So – that’s at least one lesson – don’t forget the baking soda!

Now – let it be known – I had to actually take classes in baking to get that Home Economics BS degree!  I know.. it’s my hubby’s fault – we’ve been on a diet since Jan. 4 of 2012~!  Hardly any baking around here – I’ve lost my touch.

My secret?  The first attempt is all in pieces freezing in the freezer for when I need a SWEET FIX!

Days like this I sure wish my Mommy were still here…  I can hear her laughing from Heaven.  It’s even her nice cake plate and cover I’m using.  Oh – and this is for a dinner party tonight!  I’ll DEFINITELY WEAR SOMETHING I:VE MADE, I can tell you that!

Comments on why my cake won’t stay stacked are MOST WELCOME!

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