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New Black Simple skirt with Ruffle using selvage

Sew… I decided I needed a slim black skirt to wear with black tops and a neat belt as one of my ‘uniforms’ when I do the consumer sewing shows and am trying on/modeling my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets all the time…

Had limited yardage of this full-bodied black cot/rayon/lycra knit…

And it had a great – somewhat floppy selvage on it…which said “ruffle” to me.

So – I eeked out the front and back – gently curving the back hemline down some, and the front up a bit to center front.

Cut a 5″ strip along the selvage and then gathered it on – I think it was about 1.75 times the width ofthe lower circumference of the skirt.

Gathered it a bit – serged.

For the Waist band – I have this really wide – I think it is 2″ wide black elastic, I stitched on with a 1/4″ seam to the right side of the top (having cut it 5″ less long than my body measurement). Then, flipped it to the inside – that wraps the top edge of it with the fabric. Stitched in the ditch at the sides and center back.

Wa…. La…. a great new skirt! See photos. Note I did NOTHING to the lower edge of the ruffle – the selvage edge.

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