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Memories – and a Tribute to my Mother

In memory of MY dear Mother – who just recently passed to Jesus’ arms on March 22, 2012 after living with Alzheimer’s Disease for approx 5 years, I’d love to start a ‘discussion’ here with Comments regarding learning to sew from your Mother.

SEW – if that was your blessing, please ‘Ccomment’ to this post in order to share.

My mother definitely taught me!  She used to say “Londa grew up under her sewing machine.”  Honestly, I remember more hand-sewing with her than machine sewing.  I think I watched her so much, that I just ‘learned’…then kept trying with her gentle guidance.

One of the first things I remember watching her make was the ballerina print skirt for the vanity that I sat in front of – primping – for many, many years.  Since her death, I’ve been flooded with memories….what a blessing!

* Pinning a hem on a coral skirt made of home dec fabric for some type of square dance – I was about in the 4th grade.  I was standing on the hassock in the living room.

*The last dress she made for me was a white matelasse ‘shift’ with princess seams, and matching jacket – for my ‘Confirmation’ of my faith in Jesus at this Easter time of year – in 1966 when I was in the 8th grade.  After that – she says “Londa took off with sewing  with a vengeance. ”

*Mom was smart enough to ‘let me do it on my own’!  I distinctly remember the summer – had to be after 7th grade or so – when I decided to make 3 pair of shorts (side zipper and waistband no less!) ‘factory style’ – doing the same step on each pair.  Finally, when I tried them on, I discovered I’d put the side zipper in the right side seam, rather than the proper LEFT side seam!  Mom says that was the turning point – that she knew either I’d persist and fix and be victorious, or I’d give up.  Guess what?  I persisted …as I remember distinctly sitting out on a green awning strip sling chair in the back yard, ripping off each waistband and taking out each zipper – to RE-do them in the LEFT side seam.

*Sewing was just ‘Mom’s thing’.  She did most of it on a black Singer 301 – in the corner of the kitchen.  I watched her slipcover chairs, make most of my clothes (up until 8th grade), AND even earn the money needed for a family (of 5) vacation from Illinois to California to Disneyworld in 1964.  She did that by making ballet costumes for the dance recital held in early June, here at the Virginia Theatre in Champaign, IL.  That was before knits – so every base was fitted with muslin – which then became the underlining for the satin ‘leotard’ with a back zipper.  Hard enough for $12 each?  Not done yet – then it was time to gather row after row of net onto a muslin band to create the TuTu.  WOW!!!

Here are some precious photos…

Marshmallow Ballet Costume – first Ballet Costume made by Mom when I was 6 years old.

Mom designed this red costume – I was in the 8th grade

For more photos – and memories, see my Newsletter in her memory – HERE. 

I KNOW you have memories of your Mom if you were lucky enough for her to teach you to sew!  PLEASE,  write your memories here in the Comments Section of this post.  I’ll approve them and publish them in a timely manner.  Thanks in advance!

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