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Memories – and a Tribute to my Mother

In memory of MY dear Mother – who just recently passed to Jesus’ arms on March 22, 2012 after living with Alzheimer’s Disease for approx 5 years, I’d love to start a ‘discussion’ here with Comments regarding learning to sew from your Mother.

SEW – if that was your blessing, please ‘Ccomment’ to this post in order to share.

My mother definitely taught me!  She used to say “Londa grew up under her sewing machine.”  Honestly, I remember more hand-sewing with her than machine sewing.  I think I watched her so much, that I just ‘learned’…then kept trying with her gentle guidance.

One of the first things I remember watching her make was the ballerina print skirt for the vanity that I sat in front of – primping – for many, many years.  Since her death, I’ve been flooded with memories….what a blessing!