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Mary Ellen Picken’s Wise Advise, Proper Dress & Nostalgia for Sewers

Working through the household ‘stuff’ and boxes of memories as we prepare to move and DOWNSIZE is quite a job – but also quite a nostalgic Blessing.   It’s so obvious that the simple things were ‘ENOUGH’ for my hubby and I as we grew up back in the 50’s and 60’s.  Cub Scout Pack meetings were a highlight and covered in the daily town newspaper for him!  Those clippings then made it into his scrapbook.  Paper bag pig puppets, popsicle crafts, Mom making matching aprons for herself and me to wear when we baked cookies…all this is a far cry from the ‘entertaining’ lives today’s parents seem to feel obligated to provide for their children.  I digress…….

Anyway, my email brought New Year’s greetings from a gal in the industry I so admire:  Amy Barickman of Indygo Junction.  In response, after finding out my supplier didn’t handle this book, I just hopped over to Amazon and ordered her book for my own enjoyment this new year:  Vintage Notions.  I can’t wait to dig into it – as Amy mentions that it contains alot of wisdom from Mary Brooks Picken.

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