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Man’s Tie transformed to Cell Phone/Ipod/Credit Card Pouch

I recently took a precious tie of my late brother’s and transformed it into a little pouch to carry a cell phone and credit cards for my dear sister-in-law.  I think it took me maybe 30′!  Be careful though – if you have an iPhone – you’d better use the WIDEST tie you can find!  I utilized this pattern:  Tie Pocket Pouch from Indygo Junction…but i bet you can figure it out from the picture yourself! If not – here is the link to the pattern, and it includes how to make it ‘from scratch’ with fabric.  But…I ask WHY??  when a tie makes it so easy – and a great way to create a very special gift.

Tie Pocket Pouch Pattern

Tie Pocket Pouch Pattern

All it really involves is using the wide end of the tie – approx 21” or so and folding it into some ‘pouch pockets’ and stitching, adding a closure and a loop on the back.  Un-stitch the back of the tie for about 8” in order to slip in the stiffener as I mention below.

my Tie Pocket Pouch creation

I I added the strap on the back using the other end of the tie (and still have some ‘tie’ left).

I also opted to use a magnetic snap inside to hold it shut rather than the large grommet and strap as seen on the front of the pattern. I might also add that there is a’Timtex-type  stiffener inside the large part of the tie – the very back side to give it body.  You could even cut cardboard or a side of a gallon milk carton. Note I added my own ‘label’.  🙂 Have fun with this quick sewing project.  Not too late to whip up some of these as gifts!

A peek at the inside of my creation

A peek at the inside of my creation

 peek at the inside of my creation

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