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Making Jeans Waistlines FIT & How To Shop for Jeans

OK – so I’m ‘frugal’.  I refuse to pay the big prices for new jeans in the stores.  I had about worn out the only ‘comfy’ pair I had.  So… to Good Will I went.  I KNOW I took at least 15 pair into the dressing room.  I ‘scored’ with 2 pair:  1 in brown, and the other in ‘blue’.  Price with Sr. Discount: $12 – TOTAL for 2 pair! Sizing in jeans is WORTHLESS in my opinion.  Size doesn’t matter – but measurements DO.  Read on…..


Take along the pair you love, OR just measure your favorite and take along a tape measure to quick and EZ check these instead of trying them ALL on! If they pass this test, THEN take them to the dressing room.  Write these measurements on an index card, or put them in the MEMOS on your phone – yep, that works even better!

  1.  Inseam length (if they’re not long enough, you won’t be happy) 

  2. Waist  (just side to side will do – this is meant to be a quick measure check system)

  3. Front Crotch Length  (to determine if the ‘rise’ will work for you – in other words, how far you want them to come up on your torso)

  4. Back Crotch Length

  5. Crotch, across the thigh (gee, I wonder why?!)

  6. Hem circumference   (again, just side to side will do)

Measure inseam from crotch intersection to hemline.

measure waistline

Quick measure half of the waistline – just the front as shown.

Measure front crotch length

Measure front crotch length

Measure Back Crotch Length

Measure Back Crotch Length

Measure across thigh at crotch

Measure across thigh at crotch.

Measure hem circumference.

Measure hem circumference. Again – just half will give you the info you need.


So very often, if you have a ‘waist’ at all, jeans will gap at the center back. I saw a ‘fix’ for this yesterday while waiting in the Dr. office and thus spending an hour or so on Pinterest.  Click HERE for that source. Simply, she is ripping a hole in the INSIDE layer of the waistband and inserting elastic that will fit, securing on one end, fitting to see how tight to pull the elastic, then securing at the other end.  I think this will work GREAT if, say, the waist is 2″ or less too big.  If any more is needed, I think it will look quite ‘gathered’.  Perhaps even a 2″ gap would look gathered.  Honestly, I don’t buy them if the gap si that much.  But, one of the pair I bought could use this, so I’ll give it a whirl. (Dr. diagnosis:  Bursitis in my hip.  Cause:  painting the inside of the kitchen cabinets!  I give you permission to NOT try that if you’re over 60!)

inserting elastic in center back of jeans waistband


Seeing that trick reminded me of the same principle I was asked to do numerous times for my little grandson (who will be 12 in a week or so!).  He was  a slim little guy, so waists were often too large along with the (too long IMHO length) that his mommy (DDaughter) insisted on.  Here’s how that works – again a Pinterest Post shares it so well, there’s no need to RE-DO it.  See that, as this post recommends, that generally this is done on both SIDES, ripping a hole into the inside of the waistband equidistant from the side seam towards the front, and towards the Back.  The 4th picture below is showing that you leave a few inches (buttonholes) hanging loose in there for ‘growth.

Losing weight? Use this same trick!  I know – you’re wondering if this great elastic comes in a wider width.  Sadly, the answer is NO.

I carry this Buttonhole Elastic HERE at my website.  You can order it by the yard, or in 3 yard hunks, or even by the FULL BOLT.

I hope these ‘fitting’ and shopping for jeans hints will be helpful to you!

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