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Long SCARVES = EASY Jacket Embellishment

Devoted Talking Pattern™

Jacket embellished with a long pashmina scarf!

Here’s actually a very quick and EZ way to spruce up any v-neck, cardigan jacket – use a long scarf!  Pashmina scarves are plentiful – and oftentimes can be acquired at very low cost.  Hem the jacket to your desired length FIRST.  Asses the scarf design so that you achieve the ‘look’ desired regarding the motifs, adjusting with a center back seam.  This jacket features the ‘Doubled’ technique where I cut approximately a 11″ strip of the scarf, folded it and then finished the cut edges along with the fronts and neckline of the jacket with a bias binding.

I actually replaced the original fringe on the scarf by making my own fringe using Lark’s Head Knots with a silver serger thread.

This DEVOTED Talking Pattern™ features:

  1. Doubled and single layer scarf applications

  2. Large 45″ square scarf application – see photo below

  3. How to add to length when utilizing a sweatshirt as ‘fabric’ as I do to create a very COMFY jacket!

  4. How to easily create a handy pocket within the lower hemline bands.

  5. How to use PJ Pants for the ‘fabric’ instead of a scarf – with ingenious (if I do say so myself) use of the pant elastic band for CUFFS – see navy jacket below.  That Cardinal’s ‘fabric’ is from my late Daddy’s pj pants!

PJ knit pants used as a ‘scarf’!

Square Scarf back view

Lovely back view of a 45″ square scarf application.

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