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Londa to be Guest…American Patchwork & Quilting Radio

American Patchowrk & Quilting Radio - Londa Guest

American Patchowrk & Quilting Radio – Londa Guest  

This is SEW exciting!  The release of my book, SWEATSHIRT TRANSFORMATIONS published by C&T on August 1 is opening doors I never would have imagined.  On the show that airs on September 17, I will be interviewed by Pat Sloan of the American Patchwork & Quilting Radio Show…see button above!

Pat Sloan

Pat Sloan

I’m sure not a quilter, but I love to sew creatively…and it seems that since many quilters are getting interested (or coming back) to garment sewing, my art-to-wear jackets seem to be hitting a creative bone.  I like to say that I have one foot in the quilting world, and the other foot in the garment sewing world.  How lucky and blessed is that!?!  I find that I can go to quilt shows or sewing shows – and do well at both.  After all – we all need to dress each day, and our body is a ready and always-available blank canvas…well, kind of blank any way!  My background focusing on design gives me a good basis for helping you know ‘what to put where and why’ to look your best.

Sew…tune in Monday, 4:00 pm Eastern Time by clicking HERE.  

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