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Londa’s Way of Setting in Sleeves just posted on YouTube

Yea – finally had my son tape me setting in the sleeves on the linen jacket I made using my Chosen pattern collar design and embellishment. I need to finish that Blog post as well – but I’ve been VERY busy on my new pattern: Genesis Too™! Anyway – go see it at the Free Info Tab at my site…at this link: Londa’s Way of Setting in Sleeves – It’s all in the Fingers! Try it – I think you’ll like it – and let me know how it goes for you!

Perhaps I can just embed it here – I’ll try – Ahhh I see it worked!

Your comments HERE and at YouTube much appreciated! Also – if you have questions- ask away!

For Londa’s books, patterns, and supplies as described in her sewing escapades, please see Londa’s Creative Threads –

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