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Londa’s Fly Front Zipper Application


As stated at the beginning, this application has been made FREE and utilized in social marketing to market the amazing value of my Talking Patterns™. 

For the talking instructions for this application, please go to this FREE Gallery:

There you will Find ALL the photographs AND my talking directions waiting for you!!!

VERY Hidden Fly Front Zipper

I’ve made more than my share of pants through the years – for myself, my son and husband, in custom dress-making, and in MANY classes.  This is my own technique … hammered out from all that experience.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Always use a 9″ nylon col zipper – even if you really want only a 7″ (or less) long zipper.  You’ll see why…. (similar to the Lapped Application).

ALTER the pattern so that the center front line of the pant is on STRAIGHT GRAIN.  You can see in Photo z1 below that the front seam is NOT on perfect straight grain.

Slash along seam line and spread so that the center front seam line IS on straight grain as you see I’ve done in Photo z2 below.  This will increase the width around the front some – but just increase the size of the dart or take in the side seam to adjust accordingly.  See z-1 and z-2 online at

1.  CUTTING – Change pattern so that you have a 2″ extension from the center front SEAM line and 9″ long.  See Photo -z3 at