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Londa’s Couching Hints for Wearable Art

Keys for Successful Couching with Monofilament Thread

One of THE most fun things I do to embellish my clothing is to couch threads.  Read on for some super hints to couch without tears! The 3 brands of Monofilament Thread I like and recommend are :

  1. YLI – Wonder Invisible Thread (nylon on a cross wound small cone:  $4.20 for 1500 yards)

  2. Superior Threads – Mono-Poly Thread (polyester on a parallel wound spool:  $8.50 for 2400 yards)

  3. Mettler – Trans-Fil  (nylon on a parallel wound spool:  $7.99 for 1094 yards)

I’ve done the math for you…Wonder Invisible Thread is the least expensive of all three at .0028/yard (Mono-Poly is .003541 and Transfil is .00730/yard).

However, I have had several spools of this thread that were totally un-useable because of cut threads or slippage – not many, but a few.  Find the end under the sticker on the bottom of the spool by the way! However – again:  if you can ONLY ride the needle thread in the horizontal position, you should NOT use parallel won pools like Mono-Poly or Transf-Fil, as these parallel wound spools placed horizontally will deliver an extra twist and that causes problems…..  All of these brands come in Smoke, which is best for dark colors and Clear, which is best for lighter colors.  Be sure to make that color selection when ordering at my website.

These are both far superior to the invisible thread of years ago – when it first came out.  They are MUCH finer than that thread when it first debuted on the sewing scene in the early 80’s, (which I will never forget, as I’d stitched up matching swim suits for my daughter and I and the first time we wore them was the last as that thread poked us mercilessly!)

I use these threads extensively in the needle with regular sewing thread in the bobbin for couching yarns, cords, etc. onto garments for embellishment.  TEST – as I find that I MUST LOWER my UPPER THREAD TENSION so that I don’t have specks of the bottom thread peaking to the top.  It does NOT matter what ‘number on the dial’ to which you lower the upper thread tension – just move it until you don’t see bobbin thread colored specks on the top.

tension effects with monofilament thread

Upper row: balanced tension – NOT invisible. Lower row: upper tension LOWER, so bobbin thread does NOT show.