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Lace Jacket – SWAP Sewing

I obviously love this fabric – as I purchased it TWO DIFFERENT times from Vogue Fabrics at different expo/shows.   I thought long and hard before deciding how to make it up – but decided ultimately it said ‘loose, flowy jacket’.  I settled on Vogue 8819 – View C.

Vogue 8819

Since I had 2 pieces, I had a good amount of selvage – which was a scalloped lacy edge.  EEEEKKKKING it out, I ended up with enough to either cut the pieces with that edge (part of the upper center front bodice, and all of the lower center front, or to roughly cut it off and ‘plop it on top’ of the cut edge – for V center front, around the neck, sleeves, and hemline.

Rough lacy selvage ‘plopped and stitched on top’ of raw jacket edge.

The thing that drove me wild – and yes, I DID check the actual pattern pieces –  was that the side seams did NOT work out.  See what I had in the photo below once I set the upper bodice pieces to the bottom pieces, front and back.

Back side seam at the left, front side seam at  the right – something is wrong…

Side seams, laid together. I ‘wacked off’ the excess from the back side seam…..

The only negative outcome of cutting off the back side seam excess was that the bodice to bottom seams did not match at the sides…as can be seen in the photo below, but out of this lace – you’d never know. 

Anyway – I LOVE this jacket – even the inlaid mother-of-pearl type button I found in my stash.  Now, I have a textured knit in the same color family that I plan to make into the Margarita Top and a simple straight, slim, short skirt which I may put a pointed flounce on the bottom of – not sure.

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