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Kid Sewing Project – Colonial Flag Pillow

I am working with a local home schooling co-op on a project to give their 11-year-old students a taste of sewing. To go along with their US History learning, the teacher has a day about the flag, it’s beginning, Betsy Ross, etc.  She asked for some kind of a flag project, so I designed this Colonial Flag Pillow which makes use of a red T-Shirt as its base, felt, and hand AND machine sewing.  I am sharing this project here on my blog for you to use in your own home schooling or scouts, or any type of appropriate setting to get children ‘into’ sewing.  It is offered to you for FREE, so please, keep it FREE as you utilize it.  If requested, I would be happy to send you the directions in PDF format.  Just email me at:


Londa’s Sunroom Sewing Studio


This project has been designed to introduce students as young as age 6 to the joys of sewing, both by hand and by machine. Three of the white stripes are sewn with a Running Stitch by hand, and three stripes are sewn by stitching with a Zig Zag stitch on the sewing machine. It is assumed that there will be close supervision by knowledgeable adults, with no more than 4 children per adult. This project can certainly be made either entirely by hand, or by machine, as situation, time and equipment availability allows.


  1. Red T-Shirt – Large Adult

  2. Royal Blue Felt – 1 rectangle as found at Jo-Ann’s – yields 2 ‘Fields’ 5” x 5.25”

  3. White Felt – 6 stripes cut 15” x .75” – buy 1/4 yard of white felt yardage

  4. White Stars – 1/2” tip-to-tip, or white star buttons (absolutely no wider than.75”)

  5. Perle Cotton Hand Sewing Thread: 

  6. Red – two 60” pieces

  7. Blue – one 60” piece

  8. White – three 60” pieces

  9. White Machine Thread for top and bobbin

  10. Fiberfill Stuffing – approx 7oz/pillow

  11. Lined notebook paper – 1/2 sheet per student

  12. Equipment