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Two T's = EZ Raglan Peasant Top

As I edit all posts (600+posts, having migrated many over from my 'Old Blog', this Two-T'sinto a Raglan Top jumped out at me from 2019. I've taught this many students of ALL ages since then, every one of them a great success. Summer is a great time for quick, simple be sure to give this one a try soon!

Two T-Shirts from my stash of T's transformed into this top in about 45'!

I'm always searching and testing projects for my Sunroom Sewing Studio students - and I came across a printout from somewhere.

Both T-Shirts were XL men's. The main idea here is to make this Quick & EZ by utilizing the hems of both T's: one T for the body, and the other T for the sleeves. The original T-shirt hems become the hems of the Body and the Sleeves, respectively.

To the right I've shared what I had originally printed and kept in my file.....but, alas, there is NO source listed anywhere. Thus, I am letting you know that this is NOT my original idea.

Please, if this looks familiar to you and you know the creator, do Comment and let me know so that I can give appropriate credit.

On with my How-To's, expanded from the original........


Use a Basic knit top pattern (of course, I'm using my Terrific T Pattern available both Printed and PDF).

1. Fold ENTIRE T-Shirt in half at centers.

2. I offset the center front of my Front Pattern Piece to gain more width in the body. I did NOT cut along the bottom hemline because I wanted to UTILIZE that hemline finish! I used the armhole from my pattern, cutting up higher, and I cut straight across the top from the centers over to the armhole.


From the 2nd T-Shirt, ALSO folded entirely in half along the centers (yes, 4 layers thick), cut as follows.

1. Straight up from the hem as shown.

2. Cut straight across the top, exactly as done on the Body.

3. Lay Body unit on top of the Sleeve 'Fabric', and now cut the SAME armhole.

4. Again, the finished hemmed edge of the bottom of this 2nd T-Shirt has become the lower hemline of the Sleeves.


1. Unfold all pieces and lay them out as shown.

layout of sleeves to body to stitch

2. Stitch Sleeves into Body at curved armholes. Finish as desired (I finished with a serger), and press towards Sleeves.

3. Stitch underarm of Sleeves and Body side seams in a continuous seam, then finish and press towards the back.


1. To create casing at the upper edge, press 1 1/2" to the wrong side.

2. Serge to finish the raw uppermost edge, or turn under as you stitch the casing in the next step.

3. Stitch approximately 1 1/4-1" away from the fold, leaving an opening into which to feed the elastic.

4. 3/4" elastic is what I used, and it was even Buttonhole Elastic, which wasn't necessary but what I had on hand (which is great stuff for altering and children's clothing by the way).

5. Fit to decide how tight to pull this neckline elastic. Secure together, cut excess, and finish stitching the opening.


Give shape to the Top by adding Shirring to each side seam (or you could do just 1 side seam). Note also in this picture the 'Alabama Chanin' embellishment I did with some of the Sleeve fabric here at the hemline.

To Add Shirring like this, it's quite simple using 1/8 or 1/4" braided elastic.

1. With enough of the elastic behind the presser foot to get hold of for pulling, lay it in the SEAM ALLOWANCE and pull to it's fullest as you zigzag it to attach - to the SEAM ALLOWANCE.

2. I stop short of the hemline - so at the original double stitching at the hem.

This technique for Shirring plus much much more are thoroughly taught in my pattern booklet:

Sensational Shirring - available PDF or Printed. In my mind just save money and save shipping by getting the PDF HERE - as there are no pattern pieces, just my great detailed HOW-TO's.

Investment in my Terrific T - printed with tissue AND my 3 disc DVD (of which, at this writing I only have 23 copies left!): Stretching Your Knit Sewing Know-How is available at savings HERE. $40 value for $25.00

I'm so thrilled with this Top that it will become one of the projects for my young students in the fashion-oriented sessions. When you stitch up your top, and send me a picture(s) of your top, I will

1.  Add them to this Blog Post (let me know if you want your face shown...or not)

Sew...grab 2 big sloppy T-Shirts and

have some fun SEWING!

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