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Two T's = EZ Raglan Peasant Top

As I edit all posts (600+posts, having migrated many over from my 'Old Blog', this Two-T'sinto a Raglan Top jumped out at me from 2019. I've taught this many students of ALL ages since then, every one of them a great success. Summer is a great time for quick, simple be sure to give this one a try soon!

Two T-Shirts from my stash of T's transformed into this top in about 45'!

I'm always searching and testing projects for my Sunroom Sewing Studio students - and I came across a printout from somewhere.

Both T-Shirts were XL men's. The main idea here is to make this Quick & EZ by utilizing the hems of both T's: one T for the body, and the other T for the sleeves. The original T-shirt hems become the hems of the Body and the Sleeves, respectively.

To the right I've shared what I had originally printed and kept in my file.....but, alas, there is NO source listed anywhere. Thus, I am letting you know that this is NOT my original idea.

Please, if this looks familiar to you and you know the creator, do Comment and let me know so that I can give appropriate credit.

On with my How-To's, expanded from the original........


Use a Basic knit top pattern (of course, I'm using my Terrific T Pattern available both Printed and PDF).

1. Fold ENTIRE T-Shirt in half at centers.

2. I offset the center front of my Front Pattern Piece to gain more width in the body. I did NOT cut along the bottom hemline because I wanted to UTILIZE that hemline finish! I used the armhole from my pattern, cutting up higher, and I cut straight across the top from the centers over to the armhole.


From the 2nd T-Shirt, ALSO folded entirely in half along the centers (yes, 4 layers thick), cut as follows.

1. Straight up from the hem as shown.

2. Cut straight across the top, exactly as done on the Body.