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Jeans Pocket + Tie Shoulder Bag

I 'stashed' (hid) this pair of jeans from my young students because it just wouldn't be fair for one girl to get this VERY elegant pocket with which to make one of my favorite Sunroom Sewing Studio Class Projects: the Jeans Pocket Purse. These jeans are stitched in a light grey and studded with lots of large clear stones! Here's a picture of my final project up close.

And here's a picture of the final project that shows the other side of the bag, AND the Tie which created the strap.


Totally not having anything to do with my bag creation, I'm adding here about a feature found on these jeans. If you have little growing kids, this technique is amazing, and sometimes even found in Ready-to-Wear. I remember doing this in pants for my little boy (now 43).