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Interesting Shirt Collar

Ironing (in addition to cleaning!) before I leave to go to Laura’s Sewing & Vacuum for a weekend of Creative Sweatshirt Jackets in West Palm Beach, FL tomorrow – and decided to give my new Casio Camera a try…. So while I was ironing, I noticed this very detailed, interesting collar button down treatment – which obviously is intended to keep the collar buttoned down – without seeing the button. So here is how it looks from the wrong side of the collar – THAT’s alot of work, I’m thinking…

Here is how it looks underneath the collar, with it buttoned up.

So the collar from outer appearance looks like what you see here.

This is a shirt from Kenneth Roberts – Platinum.

Pretty nice detail…think I’ll email shirtmaker Pam Erny about this one and ask if she’s ever seen it!

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