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I Never Dreamt….

I NEVER DREAMT…..that this ‘fun’ sewing I was engrossed in last couple of months….

would turn into a new Talking Pattern™!!  

However, as I kept sharing the garments in my travels, and the pics on social media, I was always asked:  “When will I be able to buy the How-To’s in a pattern?”  So I thought – it will just be a quick Blog – or at the most a PDF document type product.  The more I created, the more value I saw in what I was doing.  For example:  Today – June 15, 2015 is my parent’s Wedding Anniversary – which would have been #68 for them!  They are together in Heaven and I miss them.  I’m wearing the Khaki T which I image from my Dad’s collared sport shirt and a dress shirt from my late brother.  I’ll also stick in here the sweater of Daddy’s that I used to create a jacket for myself with the actual necktie he wore to marry my Mom!!!  AND, it even has a lace dresser scarf I remember on Mom’s vanity.  Now…how very, very special is that!?!

New Pattern to Up-Cycle Knits Availble NOW!

New Pattern to Up-Cycle Knits Availble NOW!

As you visit with family this summer, be sure to ask for special garments from loved ones – or even dig into your dress-up box of memories like I’ve been doing! Dig for clothing you wore as a child or teen – how about an old prom dress?  I have my first homecoming dress on the design table right now!  Ties from the men in your life (they’re probably not wearing them any more anyway!)  Even men’s dress shirts and tabbed and collared sport shirts.  Scraps (especially knit) from sewing projects….great buttons…LACE – like doilies, table runners, etc.  like we used to place on the arms of chairs at my Grandma’s….EVERYTHING has possibilities as you’ll see in my new pattern:  Up-Cycle Memento Tops You’ll come up with wonderful, special ‘fabric’ with which to have a lot of creative fun as you follow along with my newest Talking Pattern™ to transform old garments into great NEW knit tops!

Available PDF delivery – get it like NOW by clicking HERE

For the printed booklet, just click HERE