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How To: Underline a Lace Knit Top

Recently, my daughter needed a pretty lace top for her small, casual wedding.  After looking EVERYWHERE, even online and ordering only to be hugely disappointed in the quality, I started looking online for fabric, but then she found this pretty lace with a bit of lengthwise ‘give’ at her local JoAnn’s Fabric Store.  A ‘dive’ into my Cream/White Box of knit fabric scraps yielded the perfect creamy knit for a lining and just enough (not an inch to spare!).  Here are the details on how I created the ‘modesty’ underlining for her very special lace top.

My girl in her lace wedding top...

My girl in her lace wedding top…

Step 1:  Decide how high up the ‘modesty’ lining will extend on Front and Back