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How to Sew a French Bias Neckline Finish

Follow these directions to create a professional, French bias finish to your necklines and armholes instead of facings which are so, ‘old’ school sewing! Create a sample for yourself using the steps as outlined below.  Notes are given at the end of my directions for actual implementation on the real ‘in the round’ situation of a neckline or armhole.

Consider this First…

If you use this technique on an edge that still INCLUDES the seam allowance, you will be raising, or increasing the size of your garment by that seam allowance amount.

THEREFORE, to ‘finish’ as a garment has been designed, do this first:

  1.  Stitch along the STITCHING LINE with a small stitch and trim CLOSELY very carefully.  Stitching directionally as taught for Stay Stitching (Shoulders towards centers) is safest to maintain the proper shaping to curved edges.

Cut & Press Bias

Stitch Bias to wrong side of garment.