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How To Select the Perfect Sewing Machine Needle for Your Fabric

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Selecting the proper sewing machine needle for the fabric you’re using is a VERY important decision. Londa explains what to consider in making this selection as she takes the mystery out of different needle types and sizes. The needle is the MOST important part of any sewing machine, so change them with every project. The My Pad is a great new ‘notion’ for storage with identification for needles that aren’t quite ready for disposal.

See and hear it ALL explained in this video.

I absolutely LOVE this notion and I'm sure you will too if you sew alot and on different types of fabrics. With many students and 4 machines in my Sunroom Sewing Studio, I find I'm changing needles frequently, and when I don't feel that their 'use' on part of a project renders is ready to toss, onto this storage notion it goes!

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