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Houston Creative Inspiration – 11/3/10

The inspiration we see as gals stop by our booth #717 here at the Houston Quilt Festival ‘Preview’ night was AWESOME!

Look at this top – on a sheer knit black base. My super dooper assistant Carole eyed this and drug her over to my camera! She’s sitting here with me in our motel room at 12:30 am 1 1/4″ folded strips (ala Clover 3/4″ wide Bias Tape Maker), then folded wrong sides together a bit less than half and stitched with white thread to the black base. Marking it would be interesting, but certainly possible: right sides together of the black base, with 2 layers of dressmaker carbon, right side out slipped inbetween.

At the top of my thumb nail, that is a folded edge, as the edge I’m holding.

An ETSY buy – this customer’s fabric coiled necklace drew our attention. It was cotton, straight grain cut and folded strips, somewhat twisted here and there, but not twisted at the very center, with also just folded edges showing at the center. No stitching at all – all glued onto a base. Carol and I think trying this or a lighter weight fabric – on the bias and doing an ODD number of ‘roses’ would be a very inviting creative task. Gee – I can even see this done out of an old flannel plaid shirt! Chain was attached to each end to complete the necklace. She shared she thought it was still on ETSY (I’m too tired to look right now), just search there for ‘coiled fabric rose necklace’ and we think you’d find them.

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