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Hassock Gift Sewing

11-29-15:  DONE with DD Hassock.  Son’s well on it’s way.  Here’s a photo of the finished project.  I also decided to add actual ‘handles’, and inserted them between two of the ‘slats’ with straight stitching, and then more zigzagging on the outside.  I went shopping for another fabric to cut on the bias to bind the top and bottom pieces and bought a batik, but then when I got it home – did NOT like it.  The pattern had said even a straight grain piece could work, so I used the peacock print to do the ‘binding’.  It worked!  Took me about 1 hour each to hand stitch the top and the bottom on…but I’m pleased.

Finished Hassock or 'Tuffet' as the pattern describes it. Read below for the 'beginning' of this project.

Finished Hassock or ‘Tuffet’ as the pattern describes it. Read below for the ‘beginning’ of this project.

I must need some ‘BORING’ sewing amidst all my sorting/cleaning/down-sizing for the upcoming move…AND I must love my grown children DEARLY because this type of sewing IS NOT MY FORTE!  For Carmen’s hassock, I started out following the directions (BIG mistake!), and cut 2.5″ wide strips.  The instructions then said to cut the batting strips ALSO 2.5″ wide – but (give myself credit)  I KNEW with ‘turn of the cloth’ principle that THAT would NOT work, so I cut them a scant 2″ wide.  When the batting is set on the wrong side of the strip, both long raw edges are folded into meet in the middle, then folded in half again, and stitch down the double folded edges – one ends up with a 3/4″ wide ‘stuffed’ strip.  Then…..those are set into pairs and zig zagged together…….and on and on and on and on and on and on……..   The only challenging part of this is creating the ‘pattern’ which I’m trying to do USING UP scraps of other things I’ve stitched for her cute household.  Don’t know yet if I’ll make it or if I’ll have to go buy MORE fabric (hope NOT!).  The top and bottom of her Hassock will be one of the darker fabrics, NOT pieced and quilted as the sides!  This Bolster is 15″ hi, and 18″ in diameter.  YES, I can order them for you.  Click HERE.  I have made a note, and would charge you EXACT SHIPPING.      I also plan to add a bulky piping cord around at least the top of the hassock for a nice finish.

Carmen's Hassock

Carmen’s Hassock

Then…….since I’m having SEW MUCH FUN and must have inherited my mother’s obsession with ‘equality’ amongst children, I decided to create one for my son as well.  Mind you, he’s 36 years old, but a STAR WARS fan beyond description.  The Darth Vader fabric actually glows in the dark (or so I’m told!).  HOWEVER, instead of starting with 2.5″ wide strips, my plan is to start with 10″ wide strips, that, when folded, turn into 3″ strips (I think).  And, I’ll have to cut the opposite way on the Star Wars and Darth fabrics due to the ‘nap’……

Stay tuned – and KEEP MY SECRET!  Send me photos of what all of YOU ELVES are stitching up with love for your loved ones this Christmas season!

Star Wars Hassock

Star Wars Hassock

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