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Great Fabric Store in Nashville, TN

Finally - I stumbled by a great fabric store in Nashville, TN while we were there celebrating #1 grandson's 18th birthday! It is: TEXTILE FABRIC STORE 471 Craighead St. 615-297-5346.

This is a family-owned store, but don't expect to order online, as they only have an informational 'presence' online. Here's the description of their lovely store from their website.

Having owned my own fabric store (1990-2003 in Champaign, IL), it always makes my heart throb to find one of the few remaining family-owned fabric shops that so obviously appreciate quality goods! They had everything - from menswear woolens to the finest heirloom laces and even buttons sold singly from tubes just like I offered in my store. (Have you noticed how much reduced the button selection at JoAnn Fabrics has become of late? I'm sure glad I have a good button 'stash'.) I thought i'd snapped a pic of their buttons, but darned if I can find it...