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Flea Market Creative Inspiration

The Nashville TN Flea Market was quite a creative inspiration this Memorial Day weekend! I just love seeing creativity – in most any format.  Take a tour with me:  first (of course) Fashion-Related, then just plain celebration of the creativity of people!


I saw Naked Shoulders…EVERYWHERE!

I really like this ‘look’, and it is fun watching for variations.  Naked shoulders were EVERYWHERE at the AMAZING show we saw:  Beautiful, the Carole King Musical.  Naked shoulders intrigue me and I can’t wait to get busy making some and working out some specific How-To’s.

Holey Jeans

Personally, I have to agree with one of my European customers when she asked me: “Why do people want to wear broken jeans?”  Not on me, other than to paint or for garden work, but this pair I saw created the ‘look’ without the ‘silliness’.  I see it as interesting texture and a lengthening line.