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Flea Market Creative Inspiration

The Nashville TN Flea Market was quite a creative inspiration this Memorial Day weekend! I just love seeing creativity – in most any format.  Take a tour with me:  first (of course) Fashion-Related, then just plain celebration of the creativity of people!


I saw Naked Shoulders…EVERYWHERE!

I really like this ‘look’, and it is fun watching for variations.  Naked shoulders were EVERYWHERE at the AMAZING show we saw:  Beautiful, the Carole King Musical.  Naked shoulders intrigue me and I can’t wait to get busy making some and working out some specific How-To’s.

Holey Jeans

Personally, I have to agree with one of my European customers when she asked me: “Why do people want to wear broken jeans?”  Not on me, other than to paint or for garden work, but this pair I saw created the ‘look’ without the ‘silliness’.  I see it as interesting texture and a lengthening line.


If you look closely, you can see that this would be accomplished by:

  1. Placing a long backing piece of fabric behind down the center of the leg.

  2. Straight stitching rectangles as shown,  using a 2.0 stitch length.

  3. Slashing horizontally across the center of the rectangle, stopping about 3.8″ from each vertical side.

  4. I imagine, cutting that slash a tad wider from top to bottom, I’m not real sure – you’d have to test.

  5. Washing and encouraging the fraying of the warp (vertical) threads.

Weaving Knit Strips Behind Slashed Knit Windows


No details here, as I’m going to include a variation in a up-coming Sew News column I’ve contracted to write.Unique Twist Detail

I’ve seen this detail in ready-to-wear previously, so I finally just bought a garment with it.  I wish I had a seam ripper along on this weekend trip to start to dis-assemble this area to figure out the pattern and construction order!   That is definitely on my ‘To Sew and Publish” list!


Vintage Garment Detail

I love to inspect the wonderful detail and sewing skills on vintage clothing found in antique stores and flea markets.  The SMALL size of the garments is both interesting and distressing.  We are so much bigger as people these days.  I think that is a result of hormones fed to our meat sources.  So many dresses have matching fabric-covered skinny belts as well, reminding me of how often I would send fabric off to this place in New York for matching belt and buttons to be made.  Ahhh – the long-past dress-making days of my ‘career’.

I was quite surprised though that there was NONE of this detailing on the back of this dress.  It definitely says ‘waitress uniform’ to me.



The originality in the up-cycling realm constantly amazes me.  Here are some of my favorites from this flea market. Enjoy!




We actually purchased one of these for a gift.  Guess which one!

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