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Fit of suits on the GOP Jan. 7 Debate

OK – politics aside……….and I fully realize that what I’m commenting on is inconsequential to the topics being discussed – which are all FAR more important.  However, my fashion training encourages me to comment…..

1.  Sen. Paul’s suits fit TERRIBLY at the neck – WAY too big – tonight and every time I see him.

2. WHO dressed Diane Sawyer????  Yellow?  Definitely NOT her best color – how yucky, boring…on such a beautiful woman.  And – I just don’t get ‘crooked’ parts in a hairdo – and her’s doesn’t seem to be on purpose either…

OK – I said it.  Comments?

Oh – and I personally miss Rep. Michelle Bachman’s  always lady-like professional style on the stage.   She gets my ‘ata girl’ for her appearance – every time she was on the debate stage!

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