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Fireproof – the Movie – Definitely a 10!

While at the Novi Sewing Show – my helper, Cyndi and I wanted to be sure to be part of the ‘numbers’ for the debut weekend of Fireproof – the movie made by the Sherwood Baptist Church, so even though pretty tired, on Saturday night – we made the movie our task. (Dinner of popcorn was pretty good too!)

Starring Kirk Cameron, we were both moved to tears – and profoundly affected by the wonderful message in this wholesome movie. As we left, several couples were standing in embrace and tears… honestly! I think if I’d been there with my hubby of 38 years – we would have been doing the same. Yes – it has a strong Christian message – fine by me! But,it also has numerous well-written plot twists that make it just a wonderful, exciting (several heart-thumping, scarey scenes), moving story that reflects our modern society very, very honestly. Go to the links from the home page for the movie. Especially, listen to some of the background fact at the Focus on the Family interview with the pastor of the Sherwood Baptist Church in Atlanta that made this movie. You won’t believe the small budget they did this on – and that story alone, of how God kept showing up to meet their every need, is inspiring. Knowing all the background to why and how the movie was made will enrich your experience with this great movie. Go rent Flywheels and Facing the Giants as well – the other movies made by this church.

GO SEE IT! It will be a wonderful experience that, I pray, will affect your life and those you love. AND, your attendance will help send a message to Hollywood moguls that THIS is the type of entertainment that we deserve to have as a frequent choice. From what I’ve read and learned, the militant Muslims would not be so ready to want to blow us off the face of the earth if they saw this type of morality here among Americans as the rule rather than the exception. Regrettably, the vulgar stuff that pervades our society – that we have come to allow as ‘freedom’ will be part of the end of just that – our freedom.

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