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Felted Interfacing Disintegrates with Wear

As I am working on a Textiles Class AND using one of my Mom’s favorite shirts in my UpCycle Memento T’s,  I am reminded to share what I learned from a Professor in my degree work years ago from her thesis paper…which was all about how ‘felted’ interfacing does NOT hold up in garments.  By ‘felted’, I mean those to which there is no woven or knitted actual construction.  Rather, like felt, the fibers are ‘mushed’ together.  What my professor learned from taking apart many garments, both manufactured and custom-made, was that this type of interfacing did not hold up well.  See what the inside of the shirt facings looked like on my Mom’s shirt:

Felted interfacings disintegrate inside garments so do NOT use them.

Felted interfacings disintegrate inside garments so do NOT use them.

That picture is worth a thousand words, eh?  Sew…..IMHO and for my own sewing ever since – and that was back in 1971, I have NEVER made use of those types of interfacing in my clothing as the ‘bones’ of the garment – NEVER!  At a chainstore, even though there are likely other choices there as well, often that is what the non-knowing employee pulls out when she is asked for interfacing.  Again -this is my belief and experience, for both sew-in AND fusible varieties of interfacing.

I DO feel that felted interfacings have their place – in CRAFTS, and perhaps window treatments where laundering is not the norm.

I welcome your comments…..

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