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Fashion Snoop Shopping & Elvis Fashion in Memphis

Fashion Snoop Shopping in Memphis and learning about Elvis’ fashion was a special treat that my hubby is used to when we travel.  This last weekend found us in Memphis at the classic and traditional Peabody Hotel for our 45th Wedding Anniversary.

Of course, when you’re in Memphis, you learn more about Elvis – and I now know the story of how he walked into Lansky’s Clothiers, and Bernard Lansky  was the retailer who helped a young Elvis Presley establish his signature clothing style of pegged trousers, two-tone shoes and other flashy fashions in the 1950s.  Another tidbit I learned:  that Elvis loved pink…and thus Lansky’s even today adds a pink button to most shirts.  I have copied a summary from THIS ARTICLE, but I encourage you to go read it for full enjoyment, as it is just interesting for any of us interested in fashion.


“One of Lansky’s favourite Elvis stories was how they met. Presley was a teenager working as an usher at a nearby theatre and liked to window shop at Lanskys. “He said, ‘When I get rich, I’m going to buy you out’,” Lansky recalled. “I said, ‘Don’t buy me out. Just buy from me.’ And he never forgot me.” When Presley’s fame spread, the Lansky brothers often opened the store at night so he could avoid the crowds, and they also took outfits to Graceland for him. Lansky dressed him for the Louisiana Hayride and his first TV spots on the Tommy Dorsey and Ed Sullivan shows.

Eventually, Lansky became a favourite of the Elvis faithful who flocked to Memphis for annual gatherings in the singer’s honour. Lansky Bros kept drawing the fans even after moving in 1981 from Beale Street to the Peabody Hotel a few blocks away. Fans were not his only visitors: entertainers like BB King, Carl Perkins (from here in  Jackson where I live now), Johnny Cash, ZZ Top, Kiss, and Hootie And The Blowfish also called in.”

Sew…just a knot is all that this scarf amounts to ..

Using 6 strands cut of Ruffle Fabric, and tied together in the middle!  Each ‘piece’ is just a row of regular knit next to a row of ruffles – so 6 of these pieces.  $38 is the price tag! 


Contrast is always an attention-getter.

lace and denim vest

vest close-up view

The Vest above is entirely a cotton lace.  On the front is an overlay of denim with strategic frayed ‘holes’ for additional texture and ‘connecitng’ white colouration.  I especially liked the white heavy thread in the stitching of the denim onto the lace as it seemed to again ‘connect’ the colors of the 2 contrasting fabrics. Pricetag:  $85.

SURPRISE, or the UN-EXPECTED was a common thread at Lansky’s

The sport jackets at Lansky’s were AMAZING!  The black one above not only had red welts on the pockets, but t amazing contrast buttons and special inside pockets.


If my hubby ever still wore a suit jacket

and I was wanting to make him one, this would be on my TO DO list:  a combination of taupe wool worsted with light denim.  Photo #1 below.

However, fashion lover that I am, I don’t really think I’d want my hubby to dress with the ‘flair’ shown in Photo #2 below!

And in the 3rd photo below, check out this extra piece of paisley on the inside of this suit jacket.  Perhaps they only had limited yardage of the paisley available?