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EZ Narrow Hem Technique

Many of us  ‘seasoned’ sewists know, use and LOVE this technique.  It is sew very useful that I’ve decided to bring it to my current Blog Posts to insure that it gets the attention it deserves.  This is SO easy, that I’ve even taught it to my young girls at Londa’s Sunroom Sewing Studio.  THEY can do it!  And, they’d much rather do this than to burn their fingers (little chickens  they are when it comes to the heat of the iron, I’m finding!) trying to press a small turn, then press again.

I will add that I find a VERY sharp, small scissors is a necessity.  It does take some TIME, but this sewing technique is well worth trying and using in appropriate circumstances.  You actually stitch the hem THREE times, but all with a sewing machine.  Be sure to use a new, sharp needle appropriate for your fabric.  For most of the fabrics on which I use this technique, I select a Microtex 70 or 80 needle.  Hand placement is also VERY important – creating a ‘taut’ situation.  To do this, be sure your left hand is at the BACK of the needle, creating a bit of tension on the fabric as the machine feed dogs feed it through.

I use this narrow hem technique in these situations:

  1. Sheer fabric edge finishes – when, for some reason, I’ve elected not to do a serged rolled hem.

  2. When I don’t have hardly any hem allowance!  This takes up about 1/2″ -5/8″ is all.  A lifesaver at times!

  3. The technique works on any depth hem, really.  Just initially press under the final hemline, and turn additional as you go.

I’d love to hear YOUR experiences with this technique.  Any additional hints?  Problems?

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