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Embellishment Inspiration from New Orleans Snoop Shopping

The design and embellishment ideas were plentiful as we ducked in and out of shops in New Orleans this week.  Shop-owners were all most happy to have me go crazy snapping pictures as soon as I introduced myself, saying I wrote a fashion and sewing blog.  While we’re still on vacation, I’ll try my best to sneak in writing and posting from all the inspiration!


I had seen safety pins used before, but I loved this execution along with bugle and nailhead beading.



I’m constantly attracted to surface embellishment of all types – especially on comfy knit fabric garments.  Check out these nicely-placed crescent shapes.


Exposed zippers are all the rage, but I really liked how these contrast color smaller zippers radiated from the neckline.  The 2nd picture shows the inside garment lining that hung free just deep enough to cover the zippers on the inside.


Oftentimes, it  is the simplest of things that can be the most attractive, and I think this embellishment on a print T was a great example.


SO, SO So much more to share, but it will have to wait until the next time I can sneak in some blogging.  Grandparent duty calls and it’s a day plus drive to get to my sweethearts!


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