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Election night Fashion?

Politics aside – all I guess I can comment on that ‘dress’ that Michelle Obama selected for the Election Night acceptance speech is…..thanks for a wonderful new example of some extremely POOR design! TWO ‘centers of interest’ – and NOT in places that, I, as a lady, would want to draw attention. Besides that – TWO, not the design-wise 1 or 3, but 2!!! For me, the ultimate thing I teach is that I want to wear the clothes, the goal being that the clothes flatter ME. THAT dress certainly ‘wore’ her, if you know what I mean. What did you see? Her or the dress? I saw – only that dress!!!

Ughhhhhhh….. and I’m not alone in my sentiments. I’m just hoping that she finds some new designers with some good training before she starts being my ‘First Lady’.

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