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Do NOT try to totally plan out your life!

Of all the events of my life, infertility during my late 20’s affected me the most. God answered our prayers to be parents through adoption of 2 healthy infants – through a Methodist agency, closed adoptions for which we were very grateful. Nothing pains me more than to see women get carried away with their educations and careers thinking they can ‘always get pregnant later’ and then to be sadly surprised to find that difficult.  Though I always wanted most to be a wife and mother, the ‘times’ told me to ‘do’ the career thing first – which I did for a time, only to then find out ‘getting pregnant’ wasn’t an automatic thing! Brining this to mind is this recent article on – I haven’t met a woman yet who I feel did it all …all at the same time – and in a way that completely honors the family.

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