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OK – I’m ready – have exercised, organized, rested the weekend, most dishes are tended to – and though there are (plenty)weeds in my flower beds, the time has come to design/write/record, etc. for my new pattern: CHOSEN. I’ve done several jackets already, but I need to refine/add to – do more, etc. Ideas from snoop shopping on vacation added to the concept – so I can’t wait to get started.

The photo is really an organized mess – necessary to figure out which collection of sweatshirt and embellishments/fabrics will turn into which specific design idea. Think I’ll yet have a protein-rich breakfast, then HIT IT!

Ready – winding lots of bobbins, and have decided I’ll listen to good Christian radio programs in the mornings – and watch a good movie in the afternoon. My favorite archived programs are at: and

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